March 20, 2018 Lucas

5 Ways You Can Use Snapchat for Your Business

Oh Snapchat – not only are you a fun way to share ridiculous things with friends (and then delete the evidence within 24 hours), but you can be an effective marketing tool! From snap filters to full on ads, we have tips to help you utilize this social channel in the most effective way possible – without breaking the bank. With more than 70 million active users in North America, this isn’t a channel you can afford to miss out on.

Snapchat Offerings

#1: Geo-Filters + Snap Lenses

Are you a local business? Maybe you have a special upcoming event that promises some fun pictures? Create special filters for your location or event!

Snapchat makes it easy for businesses to create and utilize filters and lenses. The process is simple – either create and upload your own image, making sure you follow their guidelines, or you can select from one of Snapchat’s many templates (divided into 9 different categories). You can add your own text and elements, schedule the date(s) you would like the filter available, and then purchase ($5 per 20,000 square feet). You can also choose to renew annually if you’d like a permanent filter for your business!

#2: Snapchat Ads

In a recent report, Snapchat’s Discover channels saw almost 400 brands purchase video ads between November 2017 and January 2018. Snapchat’s success stories share promising results from small and large businesses alike. The Penny Hoarder reported, “Snap Ads generated 40% higher returns than other platforms and drove a 51% increase in total revenue.”

Content Ideas

#3: Behind the Scenes

Showcasing what goes on behind the scenes of your business promotes transparency and trust to
audiences. Whether it’s behind the scenes at the office, or maybe a fun look into a daily activity of different team members, providing a fun, short, and digestible video or image for followers shows you’re more than just a brand or company – you’re people!

Cisco’s Snapchat story gives users a peek into what it’s like to be an Account Manager:

Chubbies shows they’re more than just shorts (and their shorts are super versatile) with their Snapchat stories:

#4: Giveaways + Sneak Peeks = Fan Appreciation

Everyone loves a good contest, especially if they’ve been a fan of your brand and have been following you on all social channels. For their 12 Days of Giveaways, The Ellen Show used Snapchat to give away special secret codes that fans could use as additional entries into the giveaways. Along with other social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the use of Snapchat opened the giveaway to additional fans and users that may not utilize the “original” channels.

James Corden is looking for a new successor – so he can start his own reality show. The first episode goes “behind the scenes” and includes his producer, a group of kids, and the type of antics for which James is known. This creative use of the social channel allows users to subscribe to the show and watch twice a week, keeping James top of mind and fans alerted as new episodes are released.