August 3, 2018 Lucas

7 Social Engagement Tips

It’s no secret that having a presence on social media is more than putting out content everyday. Some brands miss the mark and wonder why they aren’t getting the traction and response they are looking for from their fans or followers.
We’ve handpicked some of our favorite examples from brands we love on social media to showcase our 7 best tips to increase your brand’s social engagement.

1. Ask Questions

Ask your followers and fans questions! Create polls, surveys, or general posts that asks your audience to participate in some way. Simple “like if you agree” or “share if you’re a fan” don’t cut it anymore – you need to entice them in a way that allows them to respond how they want to and make them feel like they’re being heard.

Bark Box asks relatable questions on Instagram to their dog-lovers to bring the community together through their product.

The option to post a poll on Twitter makes it easy to gain traction on your tweets:

2. Get Creative!

Create eye-catching visuals that will capture a user’s attention and showcase your brand, services, or offerings in a way that connects with your audience. Whether you’re using gifs, graphics, or video content, visual posts are a great tool to attract all kinds of social media users.
Denny’s is notorious for getting creative with their Twitter posts beyond just a picture of their breakfast specials:

3. Video

You only have a few seconds to get people interested in what your brand has to say – and there’s no easier way to do that than to incorporate video in your social media strategy. Check out our other blog post that talks specifically about how video can change your business’s PR game.

Pura Vida Bracelets does a great job utilizing video to promote their brand lifestyle. With more than 47 thousand views, this short and sweet video gets their message across.

4. User-Submitted Content

It’s not enough to post content that is about your brand by your brand only. Posting about topics and getting relevant information out there whether it’s from you or your followers/fans is why they follow you in the first place. Nothing is more boring than an account with one person putting out the same content everyday – make sure to share content from different brands in the industry and your fans/followers posts that tag you. They’ll feel like you’re an engaging brand and be more apt to engage with you too.

Wendy’s twitter account is queen of interacting with their followers. Re-tweeting and commenting on other user’s content shows that they are an active and involved brand which can increase follower count and brand activity.

Leaving an open ended post, encouraging your followers to submit their content through hashtags or simply replying to a Facebook post like Target’s #TargetRun campaign can increase your engagement rates.

Social media post from Target featuring the dog "Bullseye" made out of legos

5. Run a Campaign

Giveaways and contests are always a fun and simple way to get people excited, especially during slower months (traditionally, during the summertime). Most people are more than willing to engage with any brand if there is a discount code, prize, or freebie at the end.

Four Sigmatic is a newer brand of superfood elixirs and runs giveaways often to increase their follower and engagement count:

Social media post from Four Sigmatic featuring one of their mushroom coffee mix product

6. Engage with your Audience

Brands need to engage with their fans and followers! Replying to comments, seeking out and commenting on audience posts – these are great ways to let fans know that your brand appreciates them. It’s also good to note that engaging with trends or the latest news in your industry can show that you are a contributing member of the community. That means your audience sees you as a reputable and trustworthy brand.

DiGiorno uses their twitter account as a way to engage with their customers whether is be to answer their questions about product, or simply to start the conversation.

7. Optimize your Content

SEO isn’t just for web searches anymore! Social has its own keywords – notably hashtags – and these help brand content get in front of the right eyeballs. Keep up with the latest hashtags and trends to capitalize on what people are talking about and keep your brand current. Hashtags are also a great tool for tracking discussion around your brand and connecting you with your fan/followers.

Trader Joe’s integrates Instagram hashtags without taking away from their message.

A social media post featuring an image of wooden crates overflowing with peaches

Pro tip: Keep it simple with the hashtags. Adding too many can clutter your post and draw people away from your key message. You don’t want your content getting lost in the shuffle because your 10 hashtags make your posts look like spam.

Do you have a tip? Share them with us in the comments below!