April 9, 2018 Lucas

Client Success Story: Intercontinental Human Resources

Intercontinental Human Resources (ICHR) offers a nursing program in partnership with the University of Cebu in the Philippines. For a fraction of the cost of a university in the United States, students can attend an international school and receive a BSN that is recognized in the US.

The Challenge

ICHR had been leveraging direct tactics – college and school job fairs, church groups, and approaching friends and family. While there was some success in these methods, they wanted more traction in a shorter period of time.

We believed that the appropriate social media channels would help ICHR explore new avenues to reach candidates for the program. This strategy would multiply their efforts exponentially; they could tap into the thousands of future nursing students on college and university waitlists, as well as those who were only starting to consider their nursing journey.


Armed with Facebook’s hyper-specific targeting, we researched all colleges and universities in California that offer a nursing program – whether it be an associates degree or pre-requisites to full BSN degrees. We made sure that audience members were associated with one of these establishments and had also expressed interest in nursing. Utilizing Facebook’s split testing, we created two separate ad sets on Facebook and Instagram. One set focused on the program’s tuition and educational messaging, while the other ad focused on the environment and cultural appeal of Cebu. Furthermore, we created a form to qualify leads, providing an additional step for those interested in learning more.


Overall, this campaign increased leads by 400% in a span of 4 days. The ad set that focused on the
program’s educational messaging outperformed the cultural messaging 5 to 1 and surprisingly, all leads came from Instagram. With this information, ICHR is armed with vital knowledge on how to proceed with future paid campaigns. We now have specific messaging and a more targeted approach for a successful Instagram campaign, knowing this channel delivered better responses.