January 21, 2019 Lucas

Content Creation Tips for 2019

What’s the secret to creating great content? More importantly, how do you keep it engaging and interesting for people to consume? We’ve compiled our top 5 best tips for beginner and experienced content creators to make the best content, no matter the industry.

1. Make content that you love on a platform you love

Creative content comes in all shapes and sizes. Like writing? Write blog posts. Enjoy having conversations? Create a podcast. Videos, articles, music, photos – the list goes on. Make your platform work for you to create content that feels good while getting your message across in the most effective way possible.

2. Understand your audience

If part of your job description includes creating content, then you better know who’s going to be receiving it! Every brand, company, and business is marketing and targeting their content to a particular audience. Find out who your audience is and what they respond to so that your content doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

3. Give people something useful

Why do we read certain articles or watch certain videos? Because we feel like we will walk away with more knowledge or useful information than we started with. Offering opinions and commentary on events and industry-related topics is great – but if that’s all you’re doing, your audience might stop listening. Use your content to help your audience solve problems, learn more about tough subjects, or give advice with helpful industry tips.

4. Stay current

Reading news related to your industry and audience should be a priority for you. Make sure to stay up-to-date on your industry’s news so you can create informative content and keep your readers, listeners, and viewers coming to you for the most current and accurate information first.

5. Repurpose your content

Picture this: you create a video, post it on all of your social media and blast it in an email marketing campaign…and that’s it. Why create an amazing piece of content if you’re only going to use it once? Find your evergreen content, and present it in multiple ways. For example, this article will be separated into 2-4 separate blog posts that dive deeper into each point. Refresh your old stuff and make it shiny and new again to post on your social channels. Find information you’ve created and make an infographic. Or maybe move into other content platforms and see how your subject matter translates in a different medium. The sky is the limit!

Creating content doesn’t have to be daunting. Furthermore, always aim for quality over quantity. You want good engagement on your content and don’t want to bombard your audience with “too much,” drowning out your own voice. Make 2019 the year of great content.

Now let’s get creative (you are a content creator after all)!