November 14, 2018 Lucas

Decorate Your Online Presence!

Christmas decorated computer desk

Sometimes it’s hard to get in the holiday spirit when the season is a couple months away – but it’s never to early or too late to start thinking about your marketing plan! Whether you are marketing through printed collateral or social media, we thought we’d give you some key points you can’t miss when planning your holiday takeover.

1. Get Festive!

Whatever holiday you’re marketing to, reflect that in your campaigns, social media pages, and website. When December rolls around, it’s hard to deny going into stores with giant Christmas trees and frosted windows. So for those of us who don’t have a storefront, think about decorating your online presence! Change your header on Facebook to include festive graphics or temporarily use a festive color scheme on your website to draw people in.

Cell phone taking a picture Christmas decorated desk

2. The Gift of Finding Your Platform

When it comes to seasonal marketing, it seems like there are a multitude of tools to get your message out there. Social campaigns, email marketing, holiday cards, and blogs are just some of your options. Once you decide who your audience is, make sure you’re using the right platforms to speak directly to them, and that you’re optimizing your messaging for that platform.

3. You're Not Going to Want to Miss This...

With 20% of shoppers expected to cut back on spending this year, it’s like a no-brainer to include a sale or offer for your product or services. Try advertising your sales for a limited time to urge your customers to buy now instead of later.

Woman buying something online with credit card

4. Celebrate With Targeting Tools

Make sure that your promoted Facebook posts and Instagram ads are not falling on deaf ears. It’s one thing to create a great ad, but if the right people aren’t seeing it, you’re just throwing money away! Create a variety of targeted audiences on social media so you can be successful this holiday season.

5. Better Together

Customers love to feel like they are getting a good deal. When you partner with another company that complements your own, you can develop new ways to market your products together. And, as a bonus, it will open you up to a new audience that you might not have thought of marketing to before. Building other businesses up can create combined growth!

Two women in a coffee shop browsing the internet

6. Stand Out!

Make your creative…creative! Use video or fun graphics to spice up your social media campaigns and printed collateral. Get inspired and in the holiday spirit with some free holiday themed social posts for your own page! Click below to download!