January 25, 2018 Lucas

What Facebook’s 2018 Algorithm Change Means for Businesses

Originally, we were going to title this something along the lines of, “What Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Means for You,” but let’s be real – they change their algorithm almost as much as a hipster changes their taste in music. Right when you think you’ve got a Facebook strategy that’s golden, they go and “spice” things up…again. The bad news? You’ll need to revamp your content once more. The good news? Your strategy will still be similar to what it is now, but with your focus on engaging content.

A New (But Old) World

Social media, at its core, is about connecting with other people – over shows, brands, funny videos, and special interests. This algorithm change promises to prioritize updates and posts from friends and family, as well as “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” (Facebook Media). Whereas previous changes have been to promote more “pay-to-play” from brands, this update seems to make that even more difficult for businesses to appear in fans and customer newsfeeds. So those updates from family members that you enjoy corresponding with, and maybe those “friends” from high school that you might not always talk to but consistently “like” their updates? You’ll be seeing a lot more from them.

What This Means for You

Think about your marketing goals and where and how your Facebook page fits into this. Your content will need to be engaging if you want any chance of showing up in someone’s newsfeed organically. You need to interact with your community – and encourage them to interact with you!

A few tips to get you over the algorithm hump:

  • Post…Occasionally – Whereas the rule used to be post daily, so you have a presence, this algorithm change promotes posting your best and brightest content. This means it’s okay (if not better) to post a few times a week to really focus on that engagement. The more engaging your content, the more opportunity it has to show up in fan’s newsfeeds.
  • Sharing is Caring – It’s one thing to ask your fans to share your content, but your content needs to be shareable. Too many times we see brands and companies using content that’s all about “me me me”, from “You need my product, and so do your friends!” to “Buy this now!” to even “Look at my product – it’s awesome!” Think of your content like being at a cocktail party – no one wants to talk to the person who only wants to talk about themselves. Create content that aligns with your brand voice, but appeals and connects with your audience because it’s what they want to talk about and share.
  • Let’s Chat! – Your content should spark comments from your fans, which means you should respond and engage. If you’re scrolling through a Facebook page and see unanswered questions from fans, the reputation of that company is questioned as to whether or not they even care about their customers and followers. Social media brings a sort of transparency between a customer and brand. Granted, this doesn’t mean you should interact with all those trolls out there, but you should answer questions and engage with fans. They’re your biggest advocates online when you aren’t there!

What Now?!

Well, start with visiting your Facebook Insights tab and taking a look at your posts for the last few weeks (we suggest a couple months, if you can). What content has performed really well with your audience? What posts garnered a lot of engagement? Which posts saw crickets? Analyzing your previous content will help you create better content for this brave, new, engaging Facebook world we’re entering – and will keep your Facebook page from collecting dust.