September 7, 2018 Lucas

Inside The Edit Bay: CHS Football

For the third year in a row, we have teamed up with Chandler High School to create an epic promo video for their football team and this year, we brought out the big guns. But the final product didn’t happen by magic, and what you see isn’t necessarily what it looked like on the day of the shoot.

Editor Lucas Gregor shares some of his favorite tips for creating a video that stands out.


Create a cinematic promotional video, showcasing the Chandler High School Football

Comparing an edited and unedited CHS football player walking through fog
Comparing an edited and unedited close up of a CHS football player


1. Speed Ramping

What’s an epic football video without some dramatic slow-mo? Speed ramping, or slowing down and speeding up footage, is the perfect way to put emphasis on certain clips and add some personalized style.

2. Pacing

Just putting cool music behind choppy footage doesn’t cut it. By pacing video, we cut footage to the beat of the music. This may sounds like a no brainer, but it may just be the single most important method for editing as it creates the entire base of the video.

3. Story

Anticipation is what keeps viewers watching and waiting for that larger-than-life climax. So the order of cuts for this promo had to make sense in a linear timeline: putting on gear, warming up, the big game, etc. It wouldn’t be as enticing if we showed the Wolves scoring that big touchdown at the beginning of the video – we want people at the edge of their seats.

4. Audio

     a. Music

Proper music selection is essential to setting the mood for your story. In this case, we needed something with bass and punchy beats. So we steered clear of the Mozart and went with music that had a bit more edge.

     b. Sound Effects

Sound effects, or accentuating specific motion in a frame, are the cherries on top. The wolf running, growling, and howling, explosions, and deep base sounds highlight visual transitions. Re-watch the intro where the wolf runs into the Chandler High School logo and tell us that that doesn’t add the “wow” factor!

5. Color Grading

Altering and enhancing the color, or color grading, was used to add “cool” blue tones to the footage, giving a moonlit feel throughout. And by adding enhanced lighting with high contrast, shadows appear darker and highlights, brighter – making it all the more dramatic.

By applying all of these different techniques, we were able to create the final product that you see today. And if that doesn’t make you want to go to a game, we don’t know what will!

Go Wolves! #SOC