January 7, 2019 Lucas

Onboarding? Three new employee videos you need to start using now.

From the paperwork to setting up initial meetings, onboarding can be time consuming and stressful. Using video can relieve some of the pressure and streamline the process because it can be used again and again for every new hire that comes through your door. Consider incorporating these three employee videos in your onboarding plan to make the transition easy and efficient.

1. New Employee Welcome Testimonial Video

Without introducing the new faces to the current ones, communication and efficiency in your company could suffer. Give your newest employees a personal introduction to the faces and names of the people they will be working with (this means the executives too!).

Show them what a great organization they have just joined, and set the standard for your company’s culture. The sooner you do this, the sooner new hires will be comfortable and set up for success.

And why use video? Using testimonials from your current employees can get new hires familiar with the staff before meeting them face-to-face and helps them understand what it will be like working with you.

Check out this video for First Credit Union:


2. Company History and Overview Video

History isn’t always stuffy – explaining your company’s roots make sure everyone is on the same page. Share your company growth so that new and current employees understand the big picture and where you’re headed.

Watch how we told the history of bulbNEST:

3. Training Videos

Safety and HR are two critical areas in the onboarding process.

Explaining safety and training through video could include giving an overview of your great benefits, who to turn to if there’s a problem, or how to access the tools, software, and technology available to get the job done!

Using your company’s training and HR professionals in the video to convey this information with interesting graphics and visuals can be an effective way to get your message across. You could also consider using animation to make a dry topic interesting and engaging.

Check out this video animation used for training new employees in the auto department:

(Learn more about how animation can help your business here!)