January 28, 2019 Lucas

What’s Coming in Graphic Design: 2019 Edition

A new year calls for looking back on all the interesting trends from 2018 and looking at which ones will stick in 2019. While not all of these should necessarily come back, we are seeing these four trends popping up more and more from a design and branding front.

1. 3D Design

Remember when a 3D movie would be released and it would absolutely blow your mind (unless you get motion sickness like our Social Media Director, in which case it would have the opposite effect…)? Just a few months ago, Facebook began to allow 3D uploads. Well, they made the announcement in 2017, but there was an uptick towards the end of 2018 with everyone trying to create 3D posts. While no one has seemed to really “crack” the right 3D content on Facebook quite yet, we do see it becoming a bigger deal later this year – especially with the rise of augmented reality technology and “hands-free” everything. We do have to give a shoutout to Lego though, because they did take advantage of the trend with this post.

2. Art Deco – Especially With Logos

Sometimes, we daydream of life in the roaring 20s – not the “on the brink of financial disaster” part, but more of the “all night lavish parties” and fancy soirees that are romanticized by the movies. There seems to be an uptick in Art Deco influence, especially when it comes to logo and print design, and you can’t help but feel a bit glitzy and mysterious.

3. Moody Feels

Again with this “blast from the past” theme we seem to be following, photography and colors seem to be trending towards those 70s and 80s vibes. From album artwork to fashion magazine layouts, warm and muted colors heavily influence the imagery, a complete contrast to the vibrant colors and layouts from the last few years.

4. Everything is Nature

“Let’s put a leaf in it!” seems to be a thing nowadays. There is the trend of incorporating natural elements into designs – from fern to fauna and everything in between. While some brands are on point with incorporating this into their marketing materials, think wisely before putting an animal – specifically its rear – into your logo and creative (CATWEAR, anyone?).

5. Color Grading

Altering and enhancing the color, or color grading, was used to add “cool” blue tones to the footage, giving a moonlit feel throughout. And by adding enhanced lighting with high contrast, shadows appear darker and highlights, brighter – making it all the more dramatic.

These are some interesting trends, and we’re excited to see what pops up creatively in 2019! There is a lot of room for experimentation. Be bold this year – utilize geometric shapes, hone in on a moody color palette, and integrate some natural aesthetics (maybe not all in the same design, though).