January 15, 2019 Lucas

What’s Coming in Web Design: 2019 Edition

2018 paved a new direction for web design. We saw unique fonts, bold colors, asymmetrical layouts, and the move to mobile friendly pages that utilize “hamburger” menus, animations, and responsive designs.

First impressions are everything, especially when most website visitors will stick around less than 15 seconds. By implementing some of these 2019 design trends, keep your brand fresh and current and keep those visitors interested in your site.

1. Get Close to Your Mobile Friends

In 2018, 52.2% of website traffic was coming from mobile devices, and this number keeps rising. If you haven’t already catered to mobile devices, we recommend you make that a part of your 2019 plan because as long as there are smartphones, this trend is not going away anytime soon.

2. One-Page Layouts

One of the best ways to make your website mobile-friendly is to implement one-page layouts. This keeps it simple for phones and tablets while also giving your website a sleek and professional look.

Check out one of our client websites, bulbNEST, and how it utilizes this type of layout:

3. Minimalist/Flat Designs

Make way for negative space! Minimalism has come into the spotlight. Screen-dominating text will push picture-dominating themes aside. Simple color schemes and fonts will also be something to look out for in 2019.

We think Evolve does a great job incorporating a minimalistic design:

4. Video Backgrounds

Video has obviously taken charge of websites, social media, emails, and other marketing platforms. Drop the photo backgrounds and replace them with a video to draw people in and entice them to learn more about what you have to say.

National Parks created a video so stunning it’s hard to look away:

5. Chat-bots

We’ve seen chat-bots appear on many corporate websites – but watch for them to get bigger and better. We know that a chat-bot can help people get quick answers to questions, but prepare for them to become more intelligent and customizable in 2019 thanks to advancements in AI.

Source: ChatBotGuide

6. Bold Typography And a Lot of It!

Make way for bigger and better typography this year. Not only will we be seeing an influx of unique, bold fonts, text is going to make websites cleaner and simpler in 2019. (Also, serifs are back and we couldn’t be happier!)

Check out On Point’s website which uses text-dominating pages:

7. Small Animations

Draw new and returning visitors in with small animations. Motion graphics and micro-interactions keep your potential clients interested in your website and add to their experience. Unique scrolling features and animated backgrounds also aim to make your business stand out.

Bukwild left a great impression on us and kept us wanting more:

8. Translucent Buttons

Sometimes it’s all in the details. Pair minimal icons and translucent buttons together to give your site a fresh and modern facelift.

We love the simple quirkiness of SendAMessage.to:

9. Contrasting Colors

Basic color schemes can still be eye-catching! We are seeing an influx of bold black and white color schemes coming into 2019. Experiment with contrasting colors this new year and find what speaks to you!

Baibokov Art Projects stunned us with a simple and elegant design, all in black and white:

10. Card Layouts

When it comes to blogs, product sales, or displaying your list of services, card layouts might just be the way to go. Make interactive cards to draw your audience to your content while keeping it organized, easy to read, and social media friendly.

Illustrator Kelsey Dake uses her card layout flawlessly in her site:

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